Stormy Days

I have very mixed feelings about rain.

When I was little, I used to love thunderstorms because I associated them with indoor fun like arts and crafts, or reading. Now, I still love thunderstorms, but for a different reason. Actually, it’s a love-hate relationship. 

They’re oddly peaceful. I’m not sure why, but while the clouds are at war with each other, I find tranquility. So I’ll try to help you look through the kaleidoscope that is my perspective.

When it rains, it’s as if the entire world, or at least my world, is on low volume. Not mute, but subdued. At times, I feel horribly dull and gloomy, just wishing for sunlight and life. Other times, I feel relaxed. I love walking through a drizzle, and hate trudging through a storm. I love listening to thunder, but I hate listening to thunder after seeing a scary movie. 

I love watching lightning in the distance, and watching water droplets race against each other on a car window. And while this may not make sense, I love the rain that falls when everything else is dry. 

I’m not a fan of mud, or the kind of rain that makes me feel grimy.

I love the smell of wet soil, and the sensation of Mother Nature’s version of clean. 

I love it when my mom thanks the rain, for allowing her have a washed car without taking it to the car wash.

I hate it when the rain gets my papers wet. I don’t enjoy getting wet while wearing a thick coat. I don’t like it when it’s freezing, or when it’s so humid I feel like I’m suffocating.

I love it when I let my mind wander while it’s raining, and end up thinking what it must be like to live in London or Scotland or Ireland, where I always pictured the weather as rainy.

I love short black outs in school where the power is gone for a handful of minutes, leaving everyone quiet but creating a sense of community. I hate 7-day blackouts that Hurricane Sandy causes.

I love it when there are rainbows after rain, and I don’t love stepping in puddles.

I love it when it rains all day, but I don’t like thunder bellowing as I try to go to sleep.

I love rain, but I don’t love rain.

I can’t live without thunderstorms, but I can live without them.

To end on a pun, I guess you could say my feelings towards rainy and blustery days are a bit stormy. 

I tried.

3 thoughts on “Stormy Days

  1. I understand having a love/hate relationship with stormy weather. But I really do love them. Living in Florida, where thunderstorms feel like an everyday occurrence, I’ve grown to love the sound, the feeling in the air before the rain hits, the calm that seems to take over inside while outside it is anything but.

    Thanks for sharing this slice. I like how you list the pros and cons. And your pun is great. 😉


  2. Hey Aparna! I loved this post. Your word choice and descriptions were really beautiful, and if it makes any sense, reading this kind of relaxed me. Personally, I love all aspects of rain, and I only hate it when it’s raining, but the clouds are light grey and wispy so it’s still bright out.


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