A Few Momentous Events

Because yesterday was a busy day for me, with dancing at the local Hindu temple and enjoying my school’s semiformal, I am slightly bogged down for the next two days. The phrase “bogged down” is an accurate description because a bog is similar to a swamp, and I would easily compare drowning in homework to drowning in swampy water.

It all started when I woke up late this morning. Then again, that’s because I went to sleep late last night  because of a commenting assignment related to my adventures in blogging. Anyway. I woke up late, but I came downstairs and after eating, I decided to read the Purple Hibiscus for  English. I was excited to read the book, and genuinely enjoyed the 162 pages I was required to read. The only problem was that around page 75, I fell asleep. For me, this is a huge milestone. I don’t usually take naps, but when I do, they’re well planned. I wrap myself in blankets, set an alarm, eat a snack before, and plan out what I’m going to do when I wake up. Never have I ever spontaneously fallen asleep.

Until today. I fell asleep with the book next to me, and woke up with my index finger still marking what page I was on. I had slept for a whole, completely unforeseen, hour. In my mind, I assumed I would have been done with the assignment by the time I woke up, but as a result of my nap, I spent another hour on the assignment.

I sincerely mourn for that last hour.

But, I am also grateful for that nap. What I’ve learned is that sometimes, a power nap is all you need to feel more motivated and productive. When I woke up this morning, I was still tired from the previous night, and felt rather lethargic. After my nap, I was able to work more efficiently and was not encumbered by languidness.

Side note, if you plan on taking a power-nap, don’t take an hour long power nap. Studies show that naps around 20 minutes are more beneficial and leave you feeling refreshed.

So as I continue to attack my pile of work with utmost ferocity and determination, I will remind myself that it’s okay to take a break, or a power-nap, once in a while.

And now, I will tell you about the semiformal I went to last night, in order to lighten the theme of work that I’ve had for many blog posts.

The dance was Great Gatsby themed, and I was able to help set-up. We had purchased plastic champagne glasses for lemonade and iced tea, and even Mardi-Gras-esque beads in silver, black, and gold as “party favors.” We had the phrase “old sport” in giant black letters, embellished with a bow tie and champagne glasses; all beautifully drawn and handmade by the talent at school. Lights and streamers decorated the wall, and the eyes of Dr. TJ Eckleburg stared at you everywhere you went. A silhouette of Gatsby was made, and two female silhouettes as well (I like to call them Jordyn and Daisy) were also put up. Once people started to crowd in, the dance remained pretty stagnant for about half an hour to 45 minutes. Music was playing, but everyone was just talking with their friends in the few corners of the room. But then, when songs like Cha-Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle came on, everyone started dancing and having fun. Surprisingly, a high school dance is the perfect time for grade school songs and dances.

After the dance was over, a handful of us lingered to help with clean up and returned the cafeteria to it’s former glory. Just like that, we had went from a party at Gatsby’s mansion, to lunch on a regular school day. On Monday, when we return and as I eat my Nutella sandwich, I’ll remember the cafeteria as the site of a “small” Gatsby gathering.

So I’ll close with my favorite lyric from semiformal. A little party never killed nobody.

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