Journey To The Center of The Earth

I’m trying my hand at book reviews, and because I’m a bit rusty, I hope I’ll be able to improve.

So without further ado, because we’ve all had way too much ado, I present a book review on one of the classic novels that sparked my love for science fiction.

Journey To The Center of The Earth

“Looking back to all that has occurred to me since that eventful day, I am scarcely able to believe in the reality of my adventures.”

Best said by the main character himself, Journey To The Center of The Earth is one book you can’t help but get sucked into. With adventure and science, not only does Jules Verne bring you deeper and deeper into Planet Earth, but also allows you to develop an amazing ability to imagine the unimaginable.

The book starts out when Professor Von Hardwigg invites his nephew, Harry, to study under his wing at his home, the Konigstrasse at Hamburg. After unexpectedly finding a Runic manuscript hidden in an old book in his study, Professor Hardwigg and Harry work to decipher the writing. Using the Professor’s profound knowledge of languages and Harry’s decoding, the two are able to find the directions to the center of the Earth.

If only Google Maps could do that.

Professor Hardwigg, being the mad scientist that he is, could do nothing but embark on the journey, taking an unwilling and skeptical Harry with him. The two, along with their Icelandic guide, Hans, begin their dangerous journey to the center of the Earth, well prepared with scientific devices, bare necessities, and two very different ideas of what they’ll find.

Side note; Hans has no relation to the Hans in Disney’s Frozen.

Will the three make the greatest discovery science has ever seen, or will they end up never seeing the sun again?

My favorite part of the book was by far one of the bleakest. Running out of water and food, the three were trapped in a never-ending maze of rock. Harry was lost, and had to use the guidance of his uncle’s voice to find his way back to his friends. My favorite part, part two, was when Professor Von Hardwigg gave Harry their last drop of water, showing how much he truly cared for the boy and displaying the regret of bringing him along this dangerous expedition. The similarity of these two events is that it brought the uncle and fatherless nephew closer in a heartfelt moment, all warm and fuzzy despite being miles underground. It proved how much they loved each other, even if their scientific beliefs didn’t always agree.

Sometimes, the best way to bond is by going through a journey together, and Harry and Professor Von Hardwigg are undeniably the best example of that.

I recommend this book to any daring reader ready to dive into a classic science fiction novel. It has everything from adventure and danger, to heartwarming family moments.

After reading this book, you’ll feel like you’ve just been to the ends of the Earth and back, literally.

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