Slice of Life is almost at a close, and I don’t know whether to rejoice that it happened, or be upset because it’s over. I’m very happy I was able to participate this year, and already feel like a much better writer. Plus, I gained a lot of confidence in my writing.

There’s something liberating about clicking that “Publish” button.

Anyway, looking back on a lot of my posts, I feel like I used a “bolded phrase and paragraph explanation format” a lot. Then again, I didn’t use it that much.

So, I made a decision to use that format yet again. (Return of the Format, Bold Headings Part II)

The following are a list of wishes and brief explanations, because where would we be without the elegant “defined list.”


I wish I could sing

When I was younger, I used to take voice lessons, and about a year ago, I also tried Carnatic music. Neither worked out too well, and while I sincerely put a lot of effort into practicing, I just wasn’t that great of a singer. I had fun in my schools’ choirs, and had fun singing around the house, but my “career” never took off. I think that the explanation is that I ended up focusing more on dance than singing, so it never really caught on. But, every time I see a high school play, or listen to good singers sing, something in me wishes I had stuck with singing and gotten really good at it.

Of course, nothing is holding me back from singing an off-key Happy Birthday or belting out pop-songs in the car.

I wish I had more time

So many books, so little time. So much homework, so little time. So many adventures, so little time. I feel no need to describe this issue further.

I wish I was assertive

I like to think that I am an assertive person, and am able to get what I want done, done. But, at times, I feel like I need to be a bit more firm in my decisions or ideas. Just something to work on, I suppose.

I wish I was a math genius

I know some kids who are just amazing at math, and it comes absolutely naturally to them. Personally, I think I’m pretty decent at math, but sometimes, I just wish it came as easy as speaking, like second nature. That would eliminate a lot of my current problems, but I won’t complain. I tried make a pun in the previous sentence, get it, problems, because math problems. Haha.

I wish I could fly

The closest I’ve gotten to flying is in an airplane. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a bird?

Side note; it would actually be terrifying to be a bird.

I wish I could use a daily-planner

I have a planner for homework, but I never use it for anything outside of school. Not even clubs or extracurriculars are written in my small spiral bound planner. I really want to be one of those people who can write down their daily schedules by hour in a planner every day, including everything they have to do. I feel like it would make the universe seem accomplish-able, and the day conquer-able.

I wish Slice of Life didn’t have to end

To be honest, I really, really, really don’t want it to end.

2 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. I really liked this post. I may have to come up with my own list of wishes. I can relate to a lot of yours, but flying – even in planes- scares me. So, I definitely don’t wish I could fly. 🙂


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