The Grand Finale

Well, it’s here. Our slice of time together has officially come to a close.

In order to commemorate this “season finale,” I would like to bring a handful of endings to light.

Of course, my cherished defined list format returns.

The End of a Season

You can take this ending two ways; either the end of a TV show season, or the end of an actual season. The former is usually more painful than the latter. Personally I think the emotional roller coaster of a TV series season ending is intense, while the end of a season of the year is slightly tepid. Fall merges into winter, winter draws into spring, and spring grows into summer. What’s difficult for me is the end of a holiday season, when the Christmas lights and trees go back into storage and the radio stops playing carols. It’s slightly deflating.

The End of a Week

We live for the weekend, we get through the week in order to get to the weekend. Even though I’m guilty of this, I wish I wasn’t. After all, if you’re only thinking about the weekend, how are you going to enjoy the week? I think it has a lot to do with outlook, but I also blame Mondays.

The End of a Class

This really depends on your feelings toward the class.

The End of a Car Ride

There are few things better than hearing the GPS voice say “You have reached your final destination.”

Plot twist – Actually, I kind of like car rides, so I’ll talk about plane rides for this.

Specifically, the 18 hour flights to India. These flights get really frustrating if you’re not the kind of person who can sleep the whole time. When I was younger, it was a serious issue. I’d bring about three books on the plane and finish them all by the time we landed in Madurai, and the waits at places like Frankfurt or Delhi weren’t always the most fun. India is completely worth it of course, but the plane rides and airport experience isn’t my favorite. So, I enjoy when that journey ends.

The End of a Challenge

This one is a bit tricky. When the “challenge” has a negative connotation, like a subject you’re struggling in, or a task you’re having difficulty with, it’s relieving and empowering when it’s over. But, when it’s a challenge where you have to prove yourself, and are confident in your ability to prove yourself, it really stinks when it’s over.

Exhibit A – Slice of Life!

This was quite a challenge, and the second kind of challenge I mentioned. I was able to prove to myself I could accomplish one month of blogging daily, and am pretty proud. Then again, a large part of that pride is because after failing every childhood attempt at keeping a journal, I finally kept up a system of writing daily.

So in conclusion, thank you Slice of Life for the slice of life you gave me, and thank you for creating something grand enough to have a finale for.

So long, and farewell.

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