The Grand Finale

Well, it’s here. Our slice of time together has officially come to a close. In order to commemorate this “season finale,” I would like to bring a handful of endings to light. Of course, my cherished defined list format returns. The End of a Season You can take this ending two ways; either the end […]


Slice of Life is almost at a close, and I don’t know whether to rejoice that it happened, or be upset because it’s over. I’m very happy I was able to participate this year, and already feel like a much better writer. Plus, I gained a lot of confidence in my writing. There’s something liberating […]

Journey To The Center of The Earth

I’m trying my hand at book reviews, and because I’m a bit rusty, I hope I’ll be able to improve. So without further ado, because we’ve all had way too much ado, I present a book review on one of the classic novels that sparked my love for science fiction. Journey To The Center of […]

A Few Momentous Events

Because yesterday was a busy day for me, with dancing at the local Hindu temple and enjoying my school’s semiformal, I am slightly bogged down for the next two days. The phrase “bogged down” is an accurate description because a bog is similar to a swamp, and I would easily compare drowning in homework to […]


I’ve had many panicked moments today, so I decided to panic out loud on the metaphoric roof of the Internet.  Synonyms for panic include flustered, distressed, and anxious. My usual kinds of panic involve either one of the three, or all of them at once. Let me explain. One type of panic that I get […]

Stormy Days

I have very mixed feelings about rain. When I was little, I used to love thunderstorms because I associated them with indoor fun like arts and crafts, or reading. Now, I still love thunderstorms, but for a different reason. Actually, it’s a love-hate relationship.  They’re oddly peaceful. I’m not sure why, but while the clouds […]