Writer’s Block and Other Slumps

I’m sitting here pondering what to write about. Correction: I’ve been sitting here pondering what to write about.  I’ve Googled blog post ideas, and have looked at other blogs for inspiration. Yet, zilch. I’m still waiting for that metaphorical surge of lighting that will push me off a cliff into a creative abyss.  So, I’m […]

Loose Ends

A collection of openings, ramblings, and thoughts that never met their end. ****     This is not, and will not be, a story about teenage angst. That’s just not how I roll. Wait, never-mind, plot twist. I’m going to tell you how I discovered who I am, and found inner peace. Sort of. Okay, so […]


APA n. The American Psychological Association, and also the first three letters of my name. Please reference with “RNA,” (ribonucleic acid). APA-RNA Blue n. A cool color whose opposite on the color wheel is orange. There is one particular shade of blue that I find appealing, and if you were wondering, that’s #0f97f8. Why be […]


Today, it is snowing. Coincidentally, it’s also the spring equinox. Let me rephrase. Today is the spring equinox. Unfortunately, it as also snowing. In other news, I went on a field trip to a science symposium during school. There were about 5 or 6 student presenters, and one key note speaker. The students all shared […]

Day of Birth

This post has been brought to you via my iPhone. Today I celebrated my birthday, and all I will tell you is that I am now divisible by 3 and 5. Every year my mom and I buy a new shirt for me to wear on my birthday, and this year, like every year, I […]

Losing Track of Time

Today I spent a few hours on one homework assignment. As a result, I figured a good topic for today’s Slice of Life would be “losing track of time,” and specifically, certain activities that make me lose track of time. My school guidance counselor describes these activities as hobbies, and encourages us to find time for […]